PRS® has been designed as a closed circuit for peritoneal chemohyperthermia. The system is highly innovative, such as to allow completely automated control of chemotherapy fluid while ensuring coverage of all the organs concerned.

PRS® besides benefitting from all the conventional advantages of the “key-hole” technique, also replaces manual agitation at the end of a surgical procedure (in itself already very time-consuming) with the automatic agitation of CO2 molecules in a jacuzzi style system able to transport the chemo fluid homogeneously around the cavity.

The chemo fluid comes into contact with neither its administrators nor the external environment, guaranteeing a higher level of safety for both. The system is patented and is able to control the temperature of the chemo fluid when it enters the patient and when it leaves, considerably reducing the risk of temperature difference across the peritoneum.

The chemotherapy solution is pre-heated before being introduced into the cavity and is put into circulation at such a temperature as not to cause stress for the patient.

The PRS® system is compatible with all the HIPEC techniques::

  • Open "coliseum"

  • Standard closed

  • Closed system with CO₂ based agitation₂

The system constantly monitors temperature and pressure

Optimum heat transfer to the interior of the cavity is ensured as well as uniform distribution of heat and of chemo fluid around all areas to be treated with HIPEC.

Unique features include:

  • Patented heat exchanger in bio-compatible aluminium

  • Precision temperature controls 42oC +/- 0.5oC

  • Patented CO2 agitation system

  • Customisation of single use kit on request

  • Automatic removal of chemotherapy solution without intervention of administrator


  • Height 870 mm

  • Width 370 mm

  • Profondità 310 mm

  • Depth equipaggiamento


  • PRS system 29 Kg + mobile stand (optional)

Safety alarms:

  • Min / max patient temperature alarm

  • Min / max pressure and pressure loss alarm for within cavity and across circuit

  • Peristaltic pump malfunction alarm

Risk category:

  • Class II type B

Automatic power off:

  • End of treatment alarm and automatic shutdown


  • lUL 60601-1 IEC 60601-1; IEC 60601-1-2; EN 55011; CAN/CSA-C22.2; CE0120

Device Code:

  • BIOSPRS2 CND: Z1204021501 REPERTORIO:1543991/R

Codice Kit:

  • BIOPRSC1222V3 CND:Z1204021585 REPERTORIO:1528618/R